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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Food is the food of life

Food is the basis of life. Whatever we do in life, it all comes down to one thing- food. Come to think of it, we can live without so many luxuries in life, but the absence of food would just wipe us off the face of the earth, in the literal sense. In today’s hyper frenetic world, where everybody seems to be rushing off ‘to somewhere’ or rushing back ‘from somewhere’, the ultimate motive is just to fill our stomachs, to keep us alive. We strive to earn, to succeed in life, to gain name, fame and what not. But in the end it is food that we really need (with housing, clothing attached). 

Apart from the basic need for food, food is a wonder. Food is yummy. I am a foodie. So, for me, food is worship. I wait for that time of the day when I will have food. You could call me a glutton, but that’s the truth. So many people only tuck in whatever little is needed to feed their bellies and then rush to work. They forget to savour the delight in food. 

No wonder there are so many variants in food. We have Indian, Thai, Continental, Mughali, French, Italian…the list is endless. We have divisions and sub-divisions and sub-sub-divisions in food. This, in itself, shows how crazy people are for the thing which keeps us alive and going. Without the intake of which, we would lack the very energy which we really need to get our work done. 

There are various channels on television solely devoted to food. I envy food critics travelling the world, tasting delicious food and giving their opinions. Of course, there is more to it than that, but the idea is quite appealing. 

Well, apart from the taste, the right kind of food is necessary: balanced diet. Just eating won’t do. Healthy eating is important too. Just stuffing anything and everything down the throat will well-nigh work towards the opposite of giving us vitality and strength. As the saying goes, ‘Excess of everything is harmful’. 

Since food works towards giving us the most important amenity for us which is life, I believe we could do well to respect its greatness and value its worth. Give your food time, savour it. 

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