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Friday, 18 October 2013

Foods to Avoid If You are Trying to Conceive

So you are trying to conceive? Follow the fertility diet to get this done in a normal way devoid of any complexities. At this stage, you have to take certain foods that will boost up your immunity which is very essential at this period.  A balanced diet allows you to conceive faster, adding an extra point to the fertility factor for both men and women. Avoid the transgenic foods, foods with fatty acid and junk foods that are very much in demand in the market these days. Also do regular exercises which give fresh oxygen supply to your body. Foods which are good during this time or instructional videos are available at lesser price by Cashkaro babyoye discount coupon or Cashkaro coupons for firstcry can be used. 

But there are certain things that should be avoided at this period which may lead to infertility. If you are trying to conceive without any complications, avoiding them is the only solution. Stop alcohol consumption as this is injurious to health and may inhibit getting pregnant. You may not know that you are pregnant and this alcohol in your body can kill the growing embryo. 

Soy proteins doubles the infertility problem if there are any, some studies have shown. Consuming them at a certain level is fine but its excess intake can lead to several other problems.

Though caffeine consumption is a controversial issue, some researchers have shown its adverse effect on human body. So to stay in the safe side, avoid taking this for a certain period of time or take a limited amount if you are addicted to it. 

Raw or undercooked foods like milk, eggs should be completely avoided. These foods are a good source of protein, calcium and many other things. So consume them cooking it properly and boiling it to a higher temperature to avoid contamination by microorganisms. 

Milk if taken should be properly pasteurized as raw milk is a good carrier of germs. Again some sea fish contain high mercury level. It is better to avoid them and in replace salmon can be taken which is rich in omega 3 fatty acid content and keeps your heart and overall performance of the body just fine. 

Make a list of the do’s and don’t’s and follow them accordingly when you are trying to conceive. A healthy living is upto you and you can only make your pregnancy moments special and experience the motherhood. A little control can bring happiness to your life.

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