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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Understanding Cancer Symptoms in Detail

Defining cancer
Cancer is a contagious health issue which needs immediate attention at the initial stage itself. Cancer is caused when the dead cells of our body gather to form a tumour wherein, occupying any of the body organs and grow further into a big tumour. If the tumour is undetected or diagnosed at a later stage it might spread to other organs of the body. In most of the cases, there cancer is detected before they feel any of the symptoms. However there are certain commonly identified symptoms that can be associated with cancer only under the observation of a healthcare professional. Certain signs and symptoms of cancer also have the same features of other illness; however a careful medical examination will help the individual to identity the existence of cancer.

Formation of lumps
Lumps are considered as one the prominent commonly diagnosed symptoms of cancer. It can probably form in the breast portion wherein if the size of the lump appears to increase in other parts of the body. If such a condition prevails the victim needs to appear for a special test to confirm whether the lumps are associated with cancer formation.

Continuous Coughing
Cough is a general symptom that can be identified with either a throat infection or lung infection or even cold. If such a condition prevails coughing might not repeat for more than two weeks. However if a person suffers from severe coughing that stays for more than three weeks, he need to immediately consult with his healthcare professional. In addition, certain cancer patients also complain of pain in chest and struggling to breathe wherein such symptoms along with coughing can also be considered as a sign of cancer. In some cases these symptoms appear even at a single stretch, in such a situation the victim should never fail to consult his physician.

Modulations in bowel habits
A proper bowel movement will help a person to stay free from constipation and stomach problems. If any kind of changes is observed in bowel habits such as
•    Bleeding in the stools
•    Sustained constipation
•    In some people diarrhoea exists for no specific reason
•    Pain in stomach,
•    Pain in anus, are some of the cancer symptoms that can affect your bowel habits.

If there are sudden bleeding causes for no appropriate reason then it means our body needs to be checked for presence of any tumours. Some of the bleeding types that are observed as cancer symptoms are
•    Bleeding while urinating
•    Bleeding while excreting through anus
•    Bleeds at the time of coughing
•    Bleeding comes out in vomit, etc

Weight loss
An unexplainable weight loss in spite of consuming good amount of food can also be considered as cancer symptoms. However, other health issues like diabetes also leads to weight loss, a person should go for complete health check and confirm the presence of cancer in his body.

Growth of shapeless moles
Moles are generally found in many people. However If there is increase in the number of moles which also spreads to all portions of the skin in indefinable shape, then it needs to be checked for cancer symptoms.

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