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Monday, 6 May 2013


Teeth are one’s most prized possession. They enhances the beauty and also most important just like any other part of the body. But seldom do we remember to take good care of it. Those who have suffered from tooth problems and have lost tooth, probably knows the importance of maintaining a healthy dental habit. Here is a list of the top 10 ways you can take care of your teeth.
  1. Brush regularly – Needless to say, brushing your teeth is very essential. It removes the deposits on the enamel of the teeth and also keeps them clean. Brushing removes any kind of bacterial growth and also keeps the entire mouth fresh. 
  2.  Floss your teeth – Flossing is very important as there are places where the bristles of the brush cannot reach and need to be cleaned. It is these places where the bacterial growth takes place mostly.
  3. Use good mouthwash – using a good mouthwash is important to keep the oral cavity clean.
  4. Keep away from tobacco – Tobacco in any form is extremely harmful for health. One of the major health hazards of tobacco is causing oral cancer or even destroying the teeth. It looks ugly and is a really painful experience that everyone should try to avoid.
  5. Avoid soft drinks – Soft drinks might be very refreshing to have, but these are considered to be one of the worst sources of teeth problems. It is mainly because whenever we have soda, we never bother to clean our mouth. Also soda actually decays the enamel.
  6. Clean your tongue – regular cleaning of your tongue is also very important as a lot of bacteria can form within your mouth because of the minute deposits that form over your tongue and can actually cause dental issues.
  7. Change your toothbrush every 3 months – Believe it or not, your toothbrush too contains germs. It is essential that your change your toothbrush at regular intervals.
  8. Visit your dentist regularly – give regular visit to your dentists at a definite interval to get your oral health checked.
  9. A cup of tea everyday – tea has got many great benefits and it also helps in keeping the teeth good. Green tea in particular is very good for the health of your teeth.
  10. Get healthy diet – a healthy and balanced diet is essential to keep your entire health, including your oral health perfect. 

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