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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Make Mango Shake?

In the sweltering summer heat, when we feel exhausted easily and do not have the energy to carry on, a nice cool drink is like a blessing straight from the heaven. So if you are getting back from a hard day outside get something cool to drink after you cool yourself off under the fan. Also if you are expecting guests or relatives, the best thing to serve them in the beginning is a cool drink that will take the edge off the fatigue of traveling.
In summer, more that food, the body craves for these wonderful drinks. There are many options of drinks that you may serve someone or make one for yourself. If you check out the various types of drinks available, you will come across the simple ones like those made of squash to the more complicated but definitely more delicious ones. But nothing can beat a great shake made out of one of the most delicious summer fruits. Mango, he fruit of the summer, is something that almost everyone loves to have without exception. Thus, the sight of a tray full of mango shake glasses can never be compared to any other drink. Here is a simple way how you can make great mango shake. 

Mango, Milk/Curd, Sugar/Sugar substitute for some case, Rose water, Raisins, Cashew, Dry fruits, Ice. 

You need to take the mango and peel off the skin and get rid of the seed. Now add the mango and required amount of milk or curd to a Blender bowl. Add sugar or any sugar substitute you are using along with crushed ice. Blend the entire thing for about a minute or more, depending upon the quantity of the product. Pour the shake to the glasses. Add some rose water, raisins, cashew and dry fruits in the end to each glass. Serve cold or chilled. 

There is probably no one who can ever ignore such a delicious drink. On a hot summer day, there can be nothing simpler and more delicious that you can serve to your guests. you can use the milk or curd as you may prefer as both makes a fantastic mango shake. 

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  1. Really. The Rose Water isn't necessary but every recipe I've come across on the internet has a "fancy" ingredient to make it a bit more "fancy" looking.