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Monday, 6 May 2013


Gaining baby weight is something that every woman dreads while thinking about getting pregnant. It is something that keeps many women from getting pregnant even when they want to. But it must be kept in mind that having a baby is one of the most beautiful things any woman can experience. Just the worry of gaining a few pounds should not keep you from having this wonderful experience. The gained weight can also be lost fast and you can easily get back to your original shape post pregnancy. 

Here are a few steps that you can follow to lose the baby weight fast, effectively and without much problem.

  1. Get some workout – Getting some light workout is best for new mothers if they wish to lose the baby fat fast. But you should also remember not to overdo it. You body is still recovering and might not be able to handle the stress that it was used to. The best thing will be to take some professional help and getting some regular free hand exercise practiced which you can do on your own.
  2. Breastfeed your baby – Though most do not know it, but breastfeeding is actually strenuous and uses up a lot of body calories. So if you rely on baby feeding your child, you will not only do your baby good, but will also benefit yourself.
  3. Eat healthy food – Just because you restricted yourself from having all the junks during the course of your pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to gorge on them now. Get a balanced diet and have some healthy food.
  4. Take proper naps – Getting proper sleep is very essential. You should try to get some sleep whenever you need it. Taking care of your baby can be pretty challenging as you will always have to be alert about his/her needs and wants. So do take rest whenever you get time to.
  5. Check the fat and calories in your diet – You should keep a tab on how much calorie or fat you intake if you are serious about getting back into shape. Thinking about getting your shape back while having high calorie and high diet cannot go hand in hand.
  6. Get to meet other new Moms – meet other moms and discuss with them how they managed during this time and how they lost their baby fat. You can always get some great advice from them. After all they are surely much more experienced.